Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lucky Star

Today was Cookie's vet visit. We aren't out of the woods yet, but she dodged a big bullet today when she tested negative for heartworm as well as the various tick-borne diseases. That shit hole in Kentucky must have had a lucky star shining over it, at least occasionally.
No fear, no anxiety, she never met a stranger, everyone
is a friend.  Almost un-shepherd-like.

She's got two mammary tumors, one of which is quite large. They will be removed next Tuesday and biopsied. Apparently the odds are about 50/50 as whether they are malignant. We did a chest xray today, and at this point at least, it didn't appear that anything had spread to the lungs.

She was sweet, loving, and friendly with the vet and vet techs. She loved all the touching and attention she got, she thrives on that. Today was Clay's day off so he went with us, along with Maya of course. When it was all over we took her out for a beer to celebrate. Long or short, the rest of her life is going to be good. That's something to celebrate.

She met a 9 month old Golden pup in the lobby
and was good with him.
I don't think we've had many, if any, dogs who were as
happy and cooperative at the vet's office.

Maya just came along for the food and beer.

Cookie enjoyed the activity and people on the patio.

A dog does this to me, and I'm putty in their paws. 


Anonymous said...

Cookie is just precious. Thank you for helping her.

Jamie said...

We might have a home for Cookie with us. keep us up to date on her health issues, we can provide a good place for her, but we can't afford to fight malignancy forever. Thanks for all you do.
Dave, Pat, Toby and George (Dakota and Cole) said...

is she staying with you? I think she would be happy, and you would be too?
fitting audio clip. thanks

Brent said...

No, I plan and hope to get her adopted. I've got a prospective home that will be meeting her tomorrow. She's got surgery scheduled for Tuesday, will know more after that.