Monday, April 3, 2017

Rites of Spring

The rites of spring aren't all about dancing naked around a bonfire with satyrs, elves, and other woodland creatures. Sure, we all do that on the Equinox, but there are other rituals to be performed that signify and celebrate the coming of spring. Sunday was the perfect day for them.
Vince, ever present, trying to help.
The sky was clear and a beautiful shade of blue. At 65 degrees, the weather was perfect for outdoor work without getting hot, and it's still early enough that bugs weren't an issue.

I performed the "Laying out of the Summer Hose," making the necessary connections to reach all the water tanks and the garden. There was also the "Gathering In" of the winter hose and stock tank heaters. I anointed my new bee hive with a two coats of white paint, in preparation for the arrival of a new bee colony next Monday. Several of the dogs engaged in full emersion self-baptisms in the water tanks in the course of a romp in the pasture. I cleaned up the yard and burned fallen sticks and branches as an offering to the Great German Shepherd Dog in the Sky. Clay performed the ceremonial First Mow, kicking off the grass growing and grass cutting season. Max ran about as he always does, trying in vain to exorcise the demons from his head.

It was a full and productive day, spring is definitely underway.

When Theo is around, you have to stop whatever you are doing to throw his ball for him,
again and again. He never stops.
The front yard has more wildflowers than
grass this time of year.
Redbuds in bloom against a clear blue sky is one of the
best sites Virginia has to offer at this time of year.

This is a dwarf flowering crab in our front yard.
It's not very tall, but it grows outward and is
impossible to mow under. Every year I swear
I'm going to cut it down, but it's so pretty when
it blooms that I never can. My bees were all
over this thing yesterday.
White redbuds are pretty too.

Sparky having a ritual roll in the grass.
Sparky is now fully integrated with
the pack after all these years.

Max found the stash of new tennis balls and helped
himself every time he needed a fresh one. He
destroys them, but it's a small price to pay for
keeping Max focused and entertained.

Theo will play ball any time of year, and
any time of day.

The mower started right up with no problem this year.
That's a good omen, I hope it applies to all the power tools.
That's Trooper, guarding our front
fence line from the neighbors' dogs
and passing cars and trucks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy Sparky is completely with your pack! It's all the love you have shown him, that makes it possible!!