Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Getting Comfortable with Chaos

 Cookie in a crate on her way to the vet.
Things are a little crazy around here even on ordinary days, at least by the standards of one or two dog households. Even without fosters, we are barely under 10 dogs. Add in a couple fosters, Cookie and Jack, and then throw in a couple temporary boarders, Scarlett and as of today, Felix, and we are up to 13 dogs. Cookie had surgery today so the kitchen is her post-op ward. The weather is too lousy to keep many of them outdoors, so the house is pretty full of dogs right now. Wet dogs, muddy dogs, stinky dogs, thanks to the lovely weather we've been having. 
That's Felix being greeted upon his arrival.

But, on the bright side, the rain is finally coming to an end, isn't it? That means I can make better use of the dog yard at least during the day, bringing them in when everyone is tired and ready to sleep at night. Felix and Scarlett are just temps, and they are two of the easiest, so they barely count. When Clay is home I make him keep a couple dogs in the front room where he hangs out. I can put Gigi, and Trooper in the bedroom much of the time, There's four crates in my office. I work on the theory that spreading them out really means there's just two, three, or four dogs in any given location. And yet, as I'm sitting here, there are five dogs gathered around me such that I have to give a warning before I dare to move my chair. Of course, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

Since I was going to town to pick up Cookie from the vet, I made a late afternoon appointment for Sparky as well. He was due for his rabies and other vaccines and his annual checkup. He basically checked out ok, but he's nine years old now, so they are sending off some blood work. 

Felix was fostered here, so he's not intimidated by a lot of
shepherds. That's Scarlett, Trooper, and Theo.
Cookie's surgery went well. The biopsy results will tell us more. She's got two incisions, one rather large. She ate dinner this evening though and got her first pills, including a pain reliever, and some antibiotics to treat a possible urinary tract infection, which could explain and resolve the periodic indoor urination she's been doing. She's going to be having a lot of crate time for the next few days at least, but tonight she's quite content with it. 

Felix getting inspected by Maya, Theo, TJ,
Trooper, and Samantha.

Felix and TJ hit it off. They played with each other
when they met and are still at it this evening.

TJ is still spreading husky love (fur) wherever he goes, but
mostly in our house.

Spark at the vet today.

Cookie at my feet while talking to the vet.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to Cookie. I know she's in good hands!