Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Walking with Jack

The weather has been beautiful and my work schedule has permitted it, so I've been walking twice a day this week. Jack, the new shepherd, loves it, and it has kept him quiet at night. He's got a vet appointment and cat test scheduled for Thursday afternoon. If he passes the cat test he may have a new home.

Jack with TJ in the stream. Whenever Jack finds water, he
lays down in it.

You can see his front legs under the
water. At least he dropped the rock.

Have you ever watched closely as a dog shakes? It starts
with the head and gives them a funny face.
And the shake progresses to the rear end of the dog.

This was Jack's first deer sighting.
The deer froze and we stopped long enough
to get a picture. Now he knows what hiking
is all about. 

Whoever adopts him is going to need to work on a
release command. I could not get the damn rock out
of his mouth today.

Four miles on an 80 degree day was too much for the senior
husky. He really slows down walking uphill. He's going to be
limited to three miles or less on cooler days from now on.
Again, with the rock.

Walking side by side with Theo.

On my second hike today, I actually left Maya at home and
just took the two shepherd boys, both wearing harnesses.
My back really feels it this evening.
They are a great looking pair of dogs.

Shepherds look best when they are alerting on something.


It was a good evening for deer, this was the third sighting.
I made them promise not to mention it to Maya.

This was another deer spotting. 
The ferns are sprouting.


Byron's mom said...

I hope Maya wasn't too upset that you left her home!

Rachel Snoddy said...

Funny guy! Love that he's part fish.