Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fonzi on a fall day

Fonzi is going to be with us for the week anyway, so I gave up on the goal of keeping him clean and introduced him to the play group this morning. It was a cool morning, there was even some frost and a thin layer of ice in a couple of food dishes that had caught some rain on Friday.

Play usually begins by chasing the
new guy around Playstation K9.
(Fonzi, Groot, Max)
Fonzi is young. I'm not sure of his reported age but his teeth are bright white. He's been a very easy foster, fine with being crated, gets along well with everyone. The dog he came with had worms and Fonzi had diarrhea, so I'm giving him three days of Panacure to knock out whatever worms he may be carrying. I've fed him very lightly since I've had him, nothing the first day and just chicken and rice since then, and the diarrhea seems to have stopped. This morning I gave him a mixture of dry food, chicken and rice, canned food, and Panacure. It was his first full meal.

Maya, Fonzi, and Groot

He was anxious to get outside to have some room to run and play and the other dogs were happy enough to have him. Groot thinks that Fonzi is his own personal chew toy, but Groot tends to think that about everything.

Groot mauling Fonzi
Max is acting more like a dog these days since I doubled his dose of Prozac. I've also just started adding some melatonin to his chemical cocktail, thanks to Mary who sent me an article about a dog like Max who was on the Prozac/melatonin mix. My vet said I could try it and she'd like me to back off the dose of Prozac, which I will try after the melatonin has been on board for a few days at least.

Groot, Max, and Fonzi
Maya supervising the boys down below.
I really need to get Groot to an adoption event, but we were busy this weekend so maybe it will happen next weekend. He's at the age where he really needs to be in a home, learning to act like a civilized creature rather than the wild man of the dog yard that he is now. He's sweet, but he needs to learn the ins and outs of living with humans.

Groot and Fonzi

Trooper, Maya, and Groot
Maya and Trooper

Fonzi seeking a temporary respite from
the play under one of the A-frames.
Trooper under a clear, blue sky.

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