Sunday, October 26, 2014

Glory Days

Groot enjoyed all the people and other dogs.
The days just don't get any nicer than this.

Groot and Max and I went to a Promises Animal Rescue adoption event in Gainesville on Saturday. Nothing came of it but Groot had a great time. I did too, really. I saw many of the shepherd people I like but without any of the drama. It's the way rescue should be. Just people trying to help dogs.

Fonzi was there too. I had him for a week after he was transported before he went to his intended foster home. That is such an awesome dog, the best shepherd I've seen come down the pike in a long time. Good, solid temperament, mature beyond his years.

Fonzi was happy to see Groot, me, and Max.

Sunday morning broke as the most beautiful day of the season, picture perfect, absolutely gorgeous. I started out with a hike with Maya. We did four miles and then I came back home and dropped her off and pick up Groot for another four. I saved Sparky for last because I knew I might be getting tired but he would keep me going. And he did. We did another four miles, giving me 12 miles for the day.

Groot introducing himself to a turtle we met on the trail.
I am Groot.

We covered all sections of the park today except the area around the dog park and sandy beach.
It was a perfect day for walking with dogs.

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