Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall in full swing

That is one good looking dog.
I don't know what it would be like to live someplace where there's no real change of seasons. How would you ever pick a favorite? What would you have to look forward to? I like the change of seasons but I do think that fall is my favorite. The colors are beautiful, the air is clear, and the living is easy.

I can rule out winter and summer easily. Winter is mud, short days, and long nights. Summer is hot, humid, and full of bugs. Spring is re-birth, new growth, spring flowers, and the promise of warm days to come. Spring is welcome and awaited. Everyone is happy when spring arrives. But spring is also a lot of work. The grass grows faster than I can cut it, and there's a million things to do all at once.

Fall is a breath of fresh air after a long, hot summer. The humidity is down so the sky is actually blue. The air is crisp, the breeze refreshing. The trees are never more beautiful. In the spring everything turns green, and we are glad to see it, but in the fall the leaves turn a variety of colors and they change gradually as if the sun is shining through a slow turning color wheel. There are chores to be done in the fall, but they lack the urgency that accompanies spring. There's time to enjoy the fall and that's what I've been doing.

Gigi was mad at me for making her
walk yesterday and wouldn't cooperate
with photos, whereas Sparky was happy
to be out for a hike and was happy to
pose for pictures too.
Sparky and I walked again today. We are working on a streak of eight days in a row that I've walked five or more miles. I have a vet appointment on Thursday for an exam and routine shots for Dolly, and another weigh-in opportunity for myself. I am hoping for some change and I'm encouraged because we are moving into the best time of year for outdoor exercise as far as I'm concerned. I've always booked more miles and faster times in the fall and winter when it's cool. I've done better this summer keeping going through the heat than I've ever done before, but cool weather will be better.

Sparky hurt his left front leg about a week ago, jumping off one of the platforms in his kennel, I think. A couple of days on Rimadyl and bed rest was all it took, however, and he is now back in full force.

He knows it's fall now too and he pulls harder and is setting a faster pace already.

Dolly is settling in nicely. She's met everyone now, including all the girls, and has been fine. She's good indoors and good in her crate. We are seeing the vet on Thursday afternoon and then we are going to meet someone who may be interested in her!

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