Friday, October 3, 2014

Trooper's Vet Visit

It was just a routine annual exam with blood tests and a couple of vaccines. Routine and uneventful but still rather traumatic for Trooper who doesn't care for strangers looking at him. I stayed with him the whole time and we even took Maya along with us for the ride (and to prevent her from destroying something at home in my absence).

We all got through it unscathed. His blood work was good except for a faint positive result for erlichia. He had picked up a couple pounds mostly because he eats very well when we are away. Maya surprised me by weighing in at 63 pounds, I didn't think my little girl was so big. I surprised myself on the scale as well, being back at my pre-vacation weight already.

He was very happy to be back home and I'll sneak him some of the chicken and rice I made for Fonzi this morning.

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