Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Wedding Album

Ok, this should be my last marriage-themed blog post, but I wanted to share some of the pictures that our friend Tricia Johnson took. She did a story on the event (from the historical angle) for the local paper, the Fluvanna Review. Now that their print edition of the paper is out, she sent us the pictures. Some are mine and you've seen them before, but most are hers and appear courtesy of Tricia Johnson and the Fluvanna Review.

I put together a Shutterfly album for easy viewing, click here:

You can click through them individually, use the slideshow feature, or click "back to album" to see thumbnails of all 20 of them. This picture is my favorite because no one looks goofy in it.


One final note, Clay and I really want to express our appreciation for everyone's support. Frankly, I was somewhat taken aback and at times felt that this event almost meant more to some of you than to me. I'm very happy to be married, but as I've said, nothing has really changed for us. What has changed is the level of acceptance in society. I can tell you from personal experience as a survivor of the gay teen years, that change means everything for young gay or lesbian kids growing up in Kansas, or anywhere. It will mean the difference between life and death for many, and it will make a difference in the quality of life for all.

So I thank you for your support, however expressed, be it by likes, comments, calls, cards, hugs, emails, or beers.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Thank you for sharing such a personal moment with all of your readers. It's a good feeling to know that finally, people are able to marry, regardless of gender. Love is not gender specific and it's about time our laws caught up with something we all knew already.

Anu Shenoi said...

Of course it makes a difference Brent! Now you are no longer 'living in sin' !!! LOL just kidding! But for all you protest - I'm sure you feel great! Congratulations !!!!

patti h said...

Icing on the cake! I love reading your blog for the dogs...but reading about and seeing this momentous occasion lifts me up. Growing up in Oklahoma, I can understand what you went through as a young person. You and Clay are pioneers and I'm so proud/happy for you!