Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Four dogs, four walks

Maya always gets the first walk because she will
wreak havoc in the house if I take another dog first.
Another beautiful day, four more dog walks. The fact that I can walk four dogs for three miles each, yet barely scratch the surface of the dog walking needs around here says something, I'm sure. I'm not sure I want to know what it says about me, however. It was a great day and I enjoyed it, but I'm going to need a rainy day soon to catch up with work.

Sparky is still my most enthusiastic
hiking companion.

The river is fairly low right now, but it's very clear and pretty.
I want to get out in the canoe this fall, but walking is better exercise for me and the dogs.

Groot comes close to matching Sparky's
enthusiasm for the trails.

Toquima was with us for an extra
day so I took him out for the last leg
of today's hike. He walks very nicely.
Today's four walks totaled over 13 miles.
Each dog got at least three miles.

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