Sunday, September 20, 2015

Adoption event with old friends and former fosters

I went to an adoption event in northern Virginia today with Promises Animal Rescue. I took my two PAR fosters, Summer and Mickey. There were lots of old rescue friends there, and a couple of my former fosters too. It was nice to see them and someone came by who was interested in Mickey.

It was Summer's second public outing in as many days and she was good, but when she had enough she let me know and we came home. Mickey loved all the attention and excitement and I think he'll continue to get better each time he's out. He still gets overly excited when he sees a new dog but is fine once he gets a chance to get a sniff. He just needs to learn some manners and impulse control. Summer was wonderful, but I think she's not good with small dogs.

We had Toquima with us over the weekend, but he went back home Sunday evening. I went out for a hike with Maya, Max, Trooper, and Theo after we got home. Beautiful evening and we did over six miles before it got dark.

This was the second day I've left the house with other dogs and without Maya, and it was the second day I've returned home to no damage, no destruction, no acting out. I'd love to think she's gotten over it, but I'm not convinced just yet. Interestingly, yesterday evening we had a little bitch incident between Summer and Maya for the first time ever. I'm not sure what started it, but Summer is acting more and more like my dog and Maya may have been jealous. They were doing a little growling and circling each other until I yelled and put a stop to it. I'm watching them more closely now.
Mickey takes good pictures.

Summer knows a good person when she meets one.

A very handsome, and tall, foster lab.

Mickey also shows good taste.

Summer meeting Dusty, one of my former fosters.

Dusty was adopted many years ago.
She is 9 or 10 years old now.

This is Daisy, a lab/pyr mix. I fostered her and her littermates
several years ago as puppies. She was adopted to another
volunteer who had also adopted another dog from me previously.

Here you can see the Great Pyrenees color on Daisy.
Her mom describes her as a Pyr in a lab coat.
She's a big girl, but quite shy in public, although she
apparently makes up for it at home. 

Daisy, with Summer, who is giving me "the look."
It's the look that says that she was done for the day.
We loaded up and headed home, but
someday soon I want Summer to find
a home of her own. She's a great dog.

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