Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Clay had to work today because the brewery was open, so I was on my own. I did a series of walks with most of the dogs, and finally did some mowing too.
Gigi, Maya, and Trooper did the first walk.
Since Gigi is no longer low thyroid, she has
a lot more energy and pep.
About 2.5 miles was long enough for Trooper and Gigi.

I discovered that I can wear the leashes like a
harness or wrap them around my neck or over
my shoulder, depending on which dog is on the
other end. This worked for me today because
Gigi and Trooper walked beside me and Maya
was out front.

The second walk was Mickey, Maya, and Summer. This one
left my arms and shoulders sore. Maya was the only one who
knew what she was doing, but the other two enjoyed it as well.
We did another 2.5 miles.

Butterflies on thistle
Summer is looking good now, gaining weight and growing
hair. I had forgotten that Mickey was thin when he came, he
isn't now and Summer won't be for long.

My final walk of the day wasn't until later in the day.
I took Theo, Max, and Maya, and we did 4 miles
for a 9 mile total for the day. 

This group walks very well together. Maya actually hung back
with me most of the time and let the two boys lead.

Jasso update: The blog post I did about Jasso on Saturday was widely shared and generated over 750 hits on the blog that day. Lots of people were outraged and disgusted as I was, and wondered why no one was charged with neglect. The fact of the matter is, the entire police force and sheriff's office from this locality were guilty of neglect in this case so obviously nothing will be done. They had shuffled the dog off to someone when he retired because the officers who had worked with him had other dogs. Not one of those goddamn assholes ever checked up on the welfare of the dog. Even when the dog's condition was "discovered" no one stepped up to help the dog except the director of the shelter. She refused to put him down and did every thing she could for him, including getting him out of there. That's the past, but it reinforces my position of never placing one of my dogs as a working dog with law enforcement.

Jasso is doing fine around here. He's gotten acquainted with most of the cast of characters, some more closely than others. He's a big fan of the meal plan and he's eating twice a day, a bowl of softened dry food, Satin Balls, and some nutritional supplements. I'm sure he needs to be on Rimadyl and I'll get a bottle of that when we see the vet this week. He loves his crate and heads to it immediately when he comes into the house. I took him out front on a long line this evening for a little exercise and he seemed to enjoy it. 

A number of people have offered to help and even expressed interest in adopting him. I appreciate the interest, but I can't make any decisions about placement until he's seen a vet and we figure out what he needs. 


Anonymous said...

It's not the ones we rescue that keep us awake at night. It's the ones we don't know about who are suffering.

Anonymous said...

Praying there is a special area in the hot place for dickheads like that. Thank you Brent & Clay for taking in these dogs in need. (I'm one of Franklin's aunties and think you are amazing, awesome and a blessing to dogs in need)