Friday, September 4, 2015

By popular demand

It wasn't a great hue and cry, but several people requested that I post the pictures of Maya and Clay that appeared in last week's Fluvanna Review. I had meant to earlier, but just forgot, but here they are. A couple weeks ago, James River Brewery won two medals in a state-wide beer competition with two of their brews, one gold and one bronze. That was a great accomplishment for a new brewery less than a year old and everyone was quite pleased about it. Our friend and ace Fluvanna Review reporter, Tricia Johnson, came down to the brewery one evening, interviewed Clay and took some pictures.

Maya and I were there and Maya's picture at the bar was chosen as "photo of the week."  Clay didn't win that honor, but the story about the brewery and winning the awards in the Virginia Brewers Cup was very nice. You may be able to read part of the story in the scan I took with the picture, or you can download a pdf file of the whole issue of the newspaper here.

Scarlett's mom returned from the beach today so I took her back home. She was very happy to go back where she has one person's undivided attention. But before that I took her out on another short walk with Maya and Gigi. 

I needed to get several dogs out today, so we did the series of short walks with a varying cast of canines. The second walk was Trooper, Summer, and Maya.
This picture of Summer shows an improving coat and some
weight gain.

We finally got some rain from one of the scattered thunderstorms passing through the area today, but we got the thunder too, so I had a lot of anxious dogs crowded around me until they passed. Trooper hates the thunder and always sticks close. Maya isn't really bothered by it, but took the chance to snuggle next to Trooper for a while on the bed under my desk.

By the time the rain had stopped it was after 7:00, but I got out for one more short walk just before dark, this time with Theo, Max, and Maya. This group knows what trail walking is all about so we made pretty good time and got my daily total up to four miles before dark.

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