Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Divide and conquer

Maya, Max, and Trooper
I don't know whatever possessed me to try to walk four female dogs at once, especially with most of them being shepherds. Today I employed the tried and true "divide and conquer" technique.

I started out with just one female, but it was Maya, who is a lot of dog all by herself. I took her out with Max and Trooper in the middle of the afternoon and we walked two miles.

That was long enough for Trooper, and Max seemed satisfied. Maya would have kept going, but I brought them all back home and, because Clay was at home today, I left Maya off with the two boys and took Summer and Mickey for the second leg of the walk.

Summer (left) is looking better but has a long ways to go.
Mickey (right) is looking good, no complications from the
neuter surgery, so I think he is ready for adoption prospects.

Summer and Mickey are new to trail walking, so they tend to jump around a lot and get their leashes tangled with each other and with their own legs. But, with just two of them it was manageable. We did about a mile and a half, and then then went back home.

Scarlett (left) with Gigi
For the third leg, I took two girls, Scarlett and Gigi. Neither are great on a leash, but they aren't the worst either, and again, with just two of them it was manageable.

I didn't get Theo or the rottweilers out today, but there's always tomorrow.
Scarlett at the edge of a very low Rivanna River.

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