Monday, August 31, 2015

A Really Great Dane

Remi is four years old. His owner recently died. He has been staying with his trainer and mentor, Cheryl Falkenburry and he is now available for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed. ( I met Remi twice last week. Cheryl brought him over here one day to meet some of my dogs and he did very well. I liked him a lot. He's very loving and loveable. We visited Green Dogs on another day, met more dogs, children, chickens, and a cat, and he was good with them all. 
Remi in his natural habitat, a horse pasture.
He's young and headstrong, playful, just a dog. A BIG dog. He would be fine as an only dog because he's big enough to fill up a house by himself, both in terms of personality, and his sheer size. He's a lot of dog any way you look at it. But he's a good dog, thankfully, and we can thank Cheryl for that, because she's been working with him for the past couple of years.

Remi should go to a home with plenty of room for him, and if not with a canine companion, then at least to a home where he will have the potential for canine friends because only another dog can really exercise and entertain a dog like this. He has been learning crate training, but he requires a big one. Mostly he needs a situation where he won't be left alone all day.  

Cheryl has this to say about him:  He thinks he's a puppy in a 135 lb. body. He knows the basics of sit, down, wait, leave it, come and walks nicely on a leash with a gentle leader once he gets going. He requires a family who will continue his training and has a van or truck big enough for him to go for rides.

I met this dog and I liked him, a lot. It's unfortunate that they cropped his ears, but that's not his fault. He's a big, good looking, and good natured dog. He's not going to be right for every home because he's a Dane, but if you love them, you'll love this guy. There's lots of tongue and lots of slobber, that just goes with the territory. Oh, and don't let the predominantly white coloring fool you, he can both see and hear quite well.

Contacts: Green Dogs:
Cheryl Falkenburry:

Meeting Maya, she left no doubt that she was
in charge and he was fine with that.
Meeting Gigi, they did circles around Cheryl.

He moves with a nice, smooth gait. The temptation
to compare him to a horse is irresistible.

Look at the way the carries that tail. He's a happy and confident dog.

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Cheryl Falkenburry said...

Thanks for a great post about Remi. He truly is a great Dane with lot of potential for a new home and life since his dad's passing. for an adoption application is interested. Thanks Brent!!