Friday, August 14, 2015

A day of rest

I finally got a good picture of Gigi in bed with her blanket
and body pillow. She never shows up well in night time pictures
but this must have been morning or else I was in bed in the
middle of the day for some reason.
I think I photographed this very
same plant out on the trail in a
prior year. I don't remember its
name, but it's very pretty.
I'm taking the day off from hiking because I have some sore body parts and I want to be able to get out there and enjoy the weekend. But here's a few recent pics you might enjoy.

As I have said, Theo has become very playful and social with
other dogs. He entertains Maya and it gives Trooper a break.

Theo and Maya playing in bed.

Sparky on yesterday's five miler. He was content
to walk along next to me while Max and Maya
pulled us along. That's why I'm sore today.

Sumac berries are formed but not ripe yet.
Still, it's a sign of late summer.

Max, Sparky, and Maya from yesterday's hike.

More Sparky
because you can't ever have too much Sparky.

Max, sitting down finally. He and Maya were in
hunting mode for our entire hike yesterday. I'm
not sure why, we never even spotted a deer.

Another wildflower, very pretty but
I don't know its name.

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