Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pasture time

Theo loves the pasture runs.
I needed a day off from hiking so I did some pasture mowing instead, accompanied by Theo, Max, and Barkley. While I rode the mower they ran hard, so I also put fresh water in all the water tanks so they could cool off.

I wish I could take Maya out there with them, but she would be over the fence and roaming the neighborhood within minutes. She didn't get an outing today, but I'm assuming that, like me, she needed a day of rest.

Theo, cooling in the shade

Barkley loves to run if he's chasing another dog.

Barkley appears to be jumping Theo's tail. I have seen
him jump over other dogs.

Max, with stick, and Barkley

Max, with stick, Theo, and Barkley

Max did more straight line running today than I've seen from him. Occasionally he would drop
his stick and go into the tail-chasing circling behavior, but if I yelled, "Max, get your stick" he
would generally snap out of it, grab the stick, and go on his way. 

Theo has become very playful with other dogs, perhaps because I haven't played ball with him.
He wrestles with Maya indoors, and he plays with Barkley and even Max outdoors.
Today I saw Theo and Max playing tug with a rope toy. That was a first.

They had a good run and I got a good piece of the pasture mowed, and the dog yard,
before it got too tall this time.

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