Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trooper's turn at the vet

Today was Trooper's turn at the vet. He was just due for an annual check up and vaccine visit. I used a muzzle, but still, compared to Vince he was an angel.

The muzzle was actually one size too large for him,
but it took away the possibility of getting in a
really good bite, so he didn't think about it. 
I'm glad that they will do it all in the exam room and let me hold him. He's not mean, he's just scared, and doesn't like strangers in close proximity, so it's easier on him if I'm the one holding him.
I took some pictures of his teeth with
my cell phone before we went in,
because examining his mouth is a
little tricky.

According to the records at the vet, Trooper is seven years old. He still had good movement in his legs and hip joints. He's got Pannus, but Clay is giving him eye drops daily and that's improving. Overall, he's in good shape.

He could use a dental cleaning too,
but it's not urgent and it will need
to wait a little while.

He mostly kept his eyes on the exit door.

That his "you owe me" look. We will have lots of
Trooper snuggle time this evening to make up for it.

After the exam and vaccines, and
blood test, he just wanted to get out
and go home.

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