Monday, August 24, 2015

Bath Day

Max has been blowing his coat and was really
needing a bath. He actually seemed to enjoy it,
the brushing part anyway.
We've got a shitload of shepherds around here now and at least three of them are blowing coat, so it was time for some baths. My dual purpose canoe holder/dog washing stand has been great holding the canoe and today it was given the opportunity to fulfill it's second function and it was great. 
I had to lift each dog onto it, but just once. Putting the dog up at a height that didn't require me to bend over was a real back saver. Some of the dogs will probably learn to jump up onto it on their own. I'm sure Theo and Maya would have done so, but they weren't on my short list of bath candidates today. I used a two- or three-point leash restraint system to keep the dog on the stand so I had two hands free for water, shampoo, and brush. It worked very well, and I'm sure the dogs feel better for it. 
This is Trooper after the bath, but still wet.
He looked much better and looked like he
felt much better too.

She hated it, but she let me wash out her ears too.

Gigi wasn't shedding, but she's due for another thyroid check
and I'm not sure her coat is what it should be still. I wanted
to get her clean to get a good evaluation of it.

Mickey's coat was shedding a lot and he was just
dirty. He was very good about the bath. He's coming
upstairs to a crate in the office at night now.

He doesn't look so happy here, but he looked
much better after the bath.

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