Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2 x 4

My first walk was Gigi, Maya, and Trooper.
Two mile walks are long enough for most of the dogs in the summer time, and short walks allow me to get more of them out. Today I did 4 separate walks of two miles each, which allowed me to get all the dogs walked except Vince.
Maya walked out front for the first mile, but then
all three of them tried to walk  in the same spot
behind me. It was awkward. 

The second walk was with Max and Sparky. They both wanted
to lead and we made better time.

I didn't get any good pictures on the walk itself,
these were taken when we got back to the van.

After the second walk, I came home and made dinner and then
headed back out with Theo and Maya.

Maya was ready to go out again after dinner, but she didn't insist on going on all the walks today.

The final two miler of the day was with Barkley and the new
shepherd, Mickey. Mickey was wild, pulled hard, and we
moved pretty fast, which was good because it was getting dark.

Any time Mickey stops, he marks.
Mickey is a good looking dog, he just needs some manners, needs to be neutered,
and needs to put on some weight. He had a great time out there this evening.

Each walk started at the same spot, but I walked four different routes. One mile out, then we
turned around and walked one mile back to the van. It made for an interesting map.

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