Saturday, August 1, 2015

Adventures with Maya

Lest anyone think I shortchanged Maya when I took Theo to the brewery Friday evening, you need to understand the rest of Maya's day.

I took Maya with me on the trip to meet Cole's adopters. On the way home we took the Blue Ridge Parkway and made our way slowly back towards home. We stopped at probably a dozen pull off spots and did a short walk at most of them.

A footbridge suspended under a highway bridge
spanning the James River.
I took an unpaved road from Natural
Bridge up to the Parkway and found
this trail head. We did a short walk.
So we spent most of the day together, just the two of us, and she had a lot of outdoor time as well. We both did. When we got home, I thought it was one time that she might not mind missing out on a trip to the brewery, so I took Theo instead so I could introduce him to some folks and show him off. I tried to be discrete about it, but she was watching from the upstairs bedroom window and saw me loading him into the van and then leaving.
One of the locks restored.

I was partially right about her being okay with it. When Theo and I got home nothing had been destroyed, just a few items moved around, left as a warning to me, I'm sure.
View of the James from the middle of the bridge.

View from one of the overlooks.

Thursday's hike, Maya with Theo and Max

Theo turned some heads at the brewery Friday evening. He was good with everyone.

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