Saturday, August 22, 2015

Go, Dog. Go!*

No hiking today, I needed a rest and I needed to do some mowing. Barkley, Max, Mickey, and Theo got plenty of exercise.                       * Does anyone else remember this as the title of a children's book by P.D. Eastman?
Mickey, Barkley, and Theo

Barkley, Theo, and my mower

I'm guessing that chem trails will be the next hot important
political issue addressed by Donald and the Trumpettes.

Barkley is rarely far away from Mickey.
The sky was blue today and the grass was very green for August.

Mickey sure had a good time out there
today and I was really happy to see him
sticking with the pack.

A shepherd line up.  Theo, Mickey,and Max

Mickey and Barkley

Mickey, with Barkley close behind

Barkley leading Max

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