Sunday, August 30, 2015

Reaching consensus

I awoke tired and hungry this morning. When I stepped outside and realized that the heat and humidity were back, I consulted no one and came to the decision to take it easy today. I ate more than usual, and then went back to bed and watched a movie, got up again and ate again.

Scarlett gets along with everyone.
She needed some exercise and
she did very well.
Scarlett came yesterday to spend a week with us. She's a former foster and has stayed with us before when her adopter has gone out of town. I decided to take all four girls out for a walk. They all agreed that they wanted to go, but they didn't agree on anything else after that. I was lucky to get three out four headed in the same direction. We didn't go far, just over a mile, but that was far enough in the heat of the day.

This picture pretty much describes our walk. I didn't need to worry if I dropped the leashes
because they were never all headed in the same direction.

I let Summer lick the mixing bowl, outside.
I mixed up a batch of Satin Balls and there was a general consensus among the canines that they are a good thing, but they are for weight gain and only Mickey and Summer need to gain weight around here. I think Mickey is picking up weight just on generous portions of foster food, but Summer needs the extra nutrition. I've mentioned Satin Balls before, it's a mixture of raw hamburger, eggs, and a lot of other things. The basic recipe is here. 

I don't know what this is but there's a lot of
it in bloom now. It grows, 5-6 feet tall, and
I saw some even taller. 
I filled the rest of the afternoon with Bloody Mary's and more food, but when late afternoon rolled around I finally felt rested enough and full enough that another walk seemed like a good idea. Maya and Sparky quickly reached consensus that they wanted to go, the rest of the pack be damned. They are an easy pair to walk and that's what I wanted. We ended up hiking five miles, finishing just before dark.
I was surprised to see this in the woods because
it's so dry now. The mushrooms usually sprout
up after a rain.

Sparky and Maya walk well together. We spotted
two deer and I was really glad Max wasn't along.
Sparky has no interest in deer and Maya gives up
fairly easily if the other dog isn't interested.

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