Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer's not over yet

She was, understandably, more than a
little concerned about what was going
on with her yesterday.
She left the shelter where she had been
for several weeks and was shuttled in two
different vehicles before she arrived here.
She came out of a rural shelter, picked up as a stray. The shelter named her "Summer."

Getting picked up was the best thing that had happened to this girl in a long time. As bad as she looks now, this is after gaining 9 pounds at the shelter and getting two lyme/sulphur dips for her skin. She has actually started re-growing hair already. She has some pretty red fur on the top of her head. When she grows some more of it she will probably be a very pretty girl.
She came with a nice collar from the shelter and
I gave her a new set of tags.

She's alert and attentive.
We've seen worse, but hate to think about it. She doesn't have that yeast infected smell to her at least, probably due to the treatment she has already received. She's not spayed, but probably can't be for a while, which makes things interesting around here with the unneutered Mickey. They aren't sharing space and he gets neutered on Thursday. I tried putting her my empty outdoor kennel but I brought her inside before I even walked away. She acts like she's been indoors before, and she was fine in the crate last night. I've also been crating her during the day when I'm away.
Getting checked out by Trooper
Meeting Maya

All the other dogs accepted her, I even put out in the A/C yard with Sparky yesterday evening. She's got a good appetite and she's been gaining weight since she's had food, which is a good sign. The lack of hair may have been due to a flea allergy that was obviously out of control when she was living rough. We'll just feed her and do the basics, and see if see bounces back on her own or if she will need further treatment.

Theo meeting Summer

She ate anything I offered. I foresee another
batch of Satin Balls being made for her.

This gives a pretty good view of her overall condition.
It isn't pretty, but

There's plenty of good days left in Summer yet! I hooked up my outdoor shower today and used it after hiking 10 miles and spending a couple more hours on the mower in the pasture. I tested it out before putting on the shower head and as soon as water came out Summer was jumping at it and playing in it. She's not an old girl and she's not at death's door by any means. She's fun and lively, loving and lovely.

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Anonymous said...

Summer has the most soulful eyes! She is going to bounce back with your love. Beautiful girl!