Saturday, August 15, 2015


I've been without an adoptable foster for a couple weeks now and have begun feeling like a slacker. But I knew that it wouldn't be long before something came my way, and sure enough, not one but two dogs appeared on my radar on the same day. The second one was an owner surrender of an 8 month old white GSD pup. I was planning to drive up to meet that dog on Sunday, but when I began making firm arrangements the owner backed out and said they had decided to keep the dog. That's fine because one new dog is enough and I picked up Mickey from the Culpeper shelter on Saturday morning.

I don't know much about him. He's said to be about four years old which seems like a reasonable guess. He's not neutered, of course, so I'll probably schedule him with the SPCA to be neutered as soon as possible. He's friendly, and has been good with Trooper, Barkley, Max, and Theo so far. I'll bring him in tonight, let him meet Maya, and see how he does in a crate.

He spent most of the day marking everything in the dog yard to let the world know he was here. He ate readily, no hunger strike. He's not a big boy, smaller than Trooper and certainly smaller than Theo. He's a bit scrawny right now, but he will put on some weight with regular meals.  All I can say is so far, so good. He's a good looking dog.

You can see his ribs here so you know he's thin, and his coat needs some work,
but he's a fine looking, well put together shepherd. 

Meeting Barkley

Barkley just wants to play, Mickey had business to attend to.

Mickey with Trooper and Barkley

Meeting Max

And meeting Theo

There was one little growl here, but nothing
serious, I'm not even sure which dog it came from.

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