Sunday, August 2, 2015

Make hay while the sun shines

It was actually cool when we took the dogs out to feed them on Sunday morning. It was less humid and cooler than one could hope for in August, so I hit the trails after a big breakfast of waffles and bacon. It was the best hiking weather we've had in a while and it was too nice to last, so I figured I'd better make the most of it.

First up was Maya and Theo for a little over three miles.

I brought Theo back home and picked up Gigi and Trooper. The four of us did another two miles.

Two miles was enough for Trooper and Gigi, but they held up pretty well in the cooler weather. I brought them home and picked up Max. Maya and Max and I did another four miles. 

At that point Maya had walked nine miles with me. I decided to leave her at home and I set out with the two rottweilers next. Sparky and Barkley hadn't been out a lot lately so they were very enthusiastic, which helped carry me for the next three miles.
The total for the day was over 12 miles.

The walks today included every dog we have except Vince, and I can't really imagine putting Vince on a leash for a hike in the woods. He does his own thing and we are both happy about that. I took Maya down to Scottsville to the James River Brewery Sunday late afternoon. She was tired but was happy to come along, although she seemed a bit put out by the presence of two other dogs in the beer garden. 

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