Sunday, August 16, 2015

Slow and Shallow

The title "Slow and shallow" sounds like I'm going to be discussing the field of republican presidential candidates, but it's also an apt description of my Sunday canoe trip down the Rivanna river. It was going to be a hot day so I started in the morning but not really early. I saw one vehicle at each end of the route, so I assumed that I'd have the river pretty much to myself, and I did.

Early morning is generally the best time for wildlife but I saw quite a bit even with a later start.

No eagles today, but I saw Great Blue Heron, green heron, kingfishers, geese, and assorted ducks. Pretty early on I saw a doe and a fawn down by the water's edge having a drink. I spotted a bright red Cardinal flower and paddled over to the bank for a closer look and picture. A Great Blue Heron let me float past him and then took off giving me a great view.

I spotted an otter, he watched me as much as I watched him as we made our way down river for a while. Finally I realized it was actually a pair when I saw them leave the water and disappear into the brush on the bank.

The only people I saw were about a dozen folks on horseback. I gave them a wide berth to avoid spooking any horses but they seemed happy just to be in the water cooling off.

I saw river turtles as I would expect, but also saw a land turtle swimming in the river. I wondered if I should have stopped and helped him out, but he was swimming along like he knew what he was doing.

Towards the end of the trip I heard geese, presumably alerting others to my presence. They kept talking but I never saw any fly overhead. I got close enough to see a group of them standing in shallow water. I kept expecting them to take flight and I had my camera ready, but they never did. They just stood there as I floated on by.

It was seven miles, about three hours, and four beers. When I got home I had a nap and then went down to the brewery with Maya. It was a good day.

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