Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Late Summer

Today could only be described as muggy and buggy. In other words, a typical late summer day. I got out for a hike with Sparky, Max, and Maya, but only out of a sense of responsibility. Sparky hasn't been out lately and he's been objecting to that, vocally, so I had promised that I'd take him today. Max needs to go every day, and Maya goes just because I can't leave her home if I take other dogs.

This group of three walks well together, but they are not really "together," each dog has his or her own agenda out there. Maya wants to be with me and she wants to hunt deer. Max goes into hunting mode too, but mostly he is out there to exorcise the demons from his head. Sparky likes to be with me, likes to be out and about, and he likes to let leave his mark everywhere to let the world know that Sparky was here.

We made a five mile hike, but we sure didn't set any speed records today, nor were we trying to. It was hot, there was no wind, and the bugs were out in force. I had thought I'd do some mowing when we got home, but after feeding the dogs I was done.

Someone asked for some current pictures of Summer so I took a few while cooking dinner this evening. She was my kitchen helper and she was good about it. In fact, she's really a good dog all the way around. I can crate her without any problem, but I've also left her free in the house with no problem. She's good with the other dogs. She seems to be house trained. She sweet. Her hair is growing back nicely and she's gaining weight. I think she could be spayed now. We are making progress on the skin infection, but she could stand to have another medicated bath, maybe tomorrow, it's certainly hot enough again.

Jasso, coming out of his crate.

Summer, helping in the kitchen

She's still skinny, but she's coming along.

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beth lacy said...

Thx Brent, she looks really good.All she needed was alot of love and vet care. Great job