Monday, September 28, 2015

Wet weather

Posing on the new stage at Pleasant Grove
L to R: Maya, Max, and Mickey
The forecast is for wet weather all week. The rain held off until late afternoon today, however, so I got out for a hike with Maya, Max, and Mickey. It was wet but not really muddy because the rain has come very slowly and everything had been very dry.

Jumping a log across the trail.

Maya and Mickey

Mad Max

Summer and Jasso were both due for another medicated bath and I was already pretty wet after the hike so I decided it was a good time for dog baths. Summer went first and she was good about it. I left the shampoo on her for 10 minutes to work on her skin and the toughest part for both of us was the waiting. She let me clip her nails while we were waiting and that helped pass the time. 

Jasso wasn't as cooperative with the nail trimming but he was actually more patient and just sat with me until the time was up. The great thing about Jasso was that today he was able to climb the stairs to the second floor of the house on his own. He really is getting so much stronger.

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