Sunday, September 27, 2015

Everybody gets out

Summer and Maya
Max and Maya
It wasn't a pretty day, but it was pleasantly cool and it wasn't raining. I walked 8 dogs today for a total of 10 miles and got all the rest out to the pasture for some good running and ball playing time. Everyone should sleep well tonight.

Summer (left) and Max (right) look more alike
every day as Summer's coat grows out.

Max and Maya repeated on the second walk but
we picked up Mickey in place of Summer.
Maya, Max, Mickey
Sticking close together

The third walk was Maya with Trooper
and Theo

Trooper, Theo, Maya

Barkley hadn't been out for a while.
He had a good time.

Maya and I covered 10 miles today.
My final walk was Maya again, of course,
and the rottweilers, Barkley and Sparky.

The only dogs left who hadn't hiked were Gigi, Vince, and Jasso. I took them out to the pasture
to run and brought out Mickey, Summer, and Theo for some ball playing.

Jasso and Theo
Gigi was really in the mood to run today.

Theo in front, Summer chasing him, then Gigi,
and that's Vince on the right.
Vince didn't really play with the other dogs,
but he ran around and had a good time.

Jasso is doing better all the time.

Theo the Great, with two tennis balls in his mouth.

Summer and Theo
Jasso in front with his ball, and that's Summer, Mickey, and Theo in back.

I think Vince's ears are getting better finally.
Summer catching a fly ball

Gigi doesn't play ball (that's for dogs), but she
wanted to run so she got Mickey to chase her.

Mickey isn't serious about the tennis balls anyway
so he was happy to play with Gigi instead.

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