Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Second Inning

Jasso collected balls that other dogs dropped.
This afternoon I took Maya, Max, and Trooper out for a five mile hike. I didn't have time for a second one, so I took Theo, Summer, Mickey, and Jazzo out to the pasture for another round of ball playing.

Jasso, Summer, and Theo

Theo and Summer, both with balls in their mouths

Mickey and Jasso
Jasso with ball

Jasso (on right) did more running today. He seems stronger.

Theo and Summer
Mickey (rear) and Jasso (front)


Theo with one ball in his mouth and his spare ball nearby

Jasso, Summer, Mickey, and Theo

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like watching a bunch of happy dogs playing in the sunshine. Jasso is looking good.