Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Late Summer

Coleus is always one of my best garden plants and I've been
planting more and more of it each year. It's constant color
without blooms and easy to care for. 
I haven't shared any garden pictures in a while. It's getting to be late summer so several things are past their prime, but still, it's the best late summer flower garden I've had. Most things have held up pretty well in spite of the summer heat. We've had a fair amount of rain until the last month, so that has helped. As always, some things did better than others this year. I'm never sure why, but that's the nature of gardening. Overall, things did very well and most things are still looking pretty good. I went out today and did a thorough watering and cut some things back that have gotten too long and leggy in the hope that they will get some new growth and new flowers for the fall.

I've never had fuscia last this long.
It usually dies out in the summer heat.

I plant caladium in this same pot every year
and it always does well.
There are probably 15 or more containers in this picture
and none of them can be seen. I like that.

I gave Summer another bath today, outside this time, using a couple different medicated shampoos. She loves to play with the water, which makes it easier to leave the shampoo on her longer. She has a long way to go yet, but she looks better after each bath, and she's not quite so bony any more, so I'm confident that she's moving in the right direction. I'm feeding her twice a day and she's gobbling up the Satin Balls as well as all the dry food that I give her.

I didn't hike today because I felt like my legs and the rest of my body needed a break. None of the dogs were happy about that, but I made it up to Maya at least by taking her down to the brewery Wednesday evening. She's always a hit with the crowd when she hustles dog biscuits from the bartender. Clay was behind the bar this evening and he's an easy mark.

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