Monday, September 14, 2015

Illegal Smile

He may have spent his career sniffing out drugs, but the irony-impaired Jasso is benefiting greatly from them now. He has stopped scratching, his ears don't seem to bother him, he smells much better, and best of all-- his tail is up and wagging and he's trotting around with a spring in his step once again.

Most of this can be attributed to the prednisone. It has reduced the swelling and inflammation in his joints and given him some serious pep again. The antibiotics are working on the skin and ear infections.

The pred will start tapering down over the next few weeks and at some point he'll need another anti-inflammatory medication to help keep him mobile, but it's great to see the change in him. His whole affect has changed, he's perkier and seems more optimistic. He certainly looks forward to meal times and he's eating (and pooping) like a champ. He'll be back to the vet in two weeks to have the ears re-treated and I hope we'll see some weight gain on him at that time.

I discovered today that he likes to play ball. He runs and gets it and then plays with it by himself mostly, but that's fine, he doesn't need too much of the throw/run/return/repeat routine. Like everyone else around here, Jasso is enjoying the beautiful fall-like weather.

Tail up and moving with confidence
He is deaf, but when he sees me
gesture, he comes running.


Byron's mom said...

Thank you so much for taking him Brent. I have to tell you that the pics in this post really warm my heart. He already looks ten times better than when he first came to you! He looks like a happy soul and that is something you make possible for not only him, but the other dogs you save as well. Sending you hugs!!!!

Keeley said...

He looks wonderful! You are doing a great job with and for him. I love the photos of him rolling around and running with confidence, like a shepherd should.

Anonymous said...

I bet that dog thinks he's gone to heaven.