Friday, September 18, 2015

Play Ball!

Jasso liked to have a ball, and he did more running
than I would have expected from him. He really
enjoyed the shade and cool grass.
Everybody is wanting to go on walks, but I don't have time to walk them all every day. Maya and Max really need to go every day. I can walk three or four at a time, and sometimes I get in more than one walk each day, but still, not everyone gets a daily hike.

I've realized that several dogs in the current pack are ball players, so I took several of them out to the pasture today. It's an easy way to exercise multiple dogs all at once, as long as they aren't too competitive.
Summer with a good catch.

I mentioned before that Jasso likes to play ball, and I recently discovered that Summer not only likes it, she's very good at it. She leaps and catches fly balls, and best of all, she returns the ball to me to throw again.

I took Summer and Jasso out to the pasture together. Summer is fast and runs far, Jasso mostly enjoyed playing with his ball in the shade but he would do a little running too. Summer is quite athletic and made some nice catches.

Then I brought Theo and Mickey out to join them. Theo is ball-obsessed and I actually haven't played ball with him since I've had him. Without a ball to obsess over, he became very playful with the other dogs and I was glad to see that. He and Maya play together primarily, and it's good for both of them. But today he was back in ball mode and he made the most of it. With his long legs he could outrun Summer, but still, she's the one who came back with the ball about half the time. He would often overrun the ball, or grab at it and miss and then she would come from behind and snatch it. They were competitive, but good-natured about it.

Jasso (left) and Summer (right)
I went out with multiple tennis balls and a long handled ball thrower that enabled me to fling them a good distance without ever touching the slimy balls. Theo's mouth is big enough that he could easily carry two at once, so he usually retained one and still ran after the one that I'd throw. Mickey wasn't really into it, but he played along since it seemed to be what everyone was doing. I'd do short throws for Jasso or Mickey while Summer and Theo were off chasing a long distance ball.

It was great to see Jasso out and interacting with the other dogs and enjoying himself. They all enjoyed it and I got four dogs tired in a fairly short time without a hike.

Theo the Great, he's probably got two balls in his mouth here.

Jasso, enjoying life as a dog again

Jasso with ball
Theo and Summer, waiting for a throw

Theo (left), Jasso (right), Mickey (rear)

Look at Theo's tail, I've never seen
it do that.
Summer and Theo in action

Theo, Summer, Mickey

I filled the pasture water tank with fresh cold water while
we were out there. It made a nice break.

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