Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mickey and Summer

Mickey and Summer went to their first adoption event with Promises Animal Rescue today. Mickey enjoyed it. He loved the people and all the activity and attention. He really is a good dog and he's craving more attention than he's getting around here. Hopefully he will find a home soon, you can just tell he wants one.

He looks good and he was good. I'm not sure he's good with small children, he didn't seem to know what they were, but bigger kids were fine. Ideally, he'd go to a home with adults who are active and want an active dog. We think Mickey is about 2-3 years old. He's neutered now so he's ready for a home of his own. He's great being crated indoors at night but he's still inclined to mark indoors, so someone will need to work on that a bit, although really, once he's marked the important surfaces one time, I expect he'd be done with it.

Ashley is the adopter of the parvo pup, Woody, now
named Krypto. She's a Promises volunteer too and
she held Mickey today, in her lap for part of the day.
Mickey's head shot is classic shepherd. He's a good
looking dog and I think he'll be a great dog with an
adopter who to put in a bit of effort on training.

Summer's experience was somewhat different. She stressed out a bit and whined quite a bit, at nothing and no one in particular. She wasn't sure about where she was or what was going on and it worried her. On top of it all, she ended up going to the vet while we were there. One of the vets Promises uses has an office in the same shopping center where we were, and Summer's ears needed to be looked at. It didn't take long and her ears got a thorough cleaning and medicating. It was good to get it done, but I'm not sure it did anything to improve her first impression of an adoption event. After the vet visit she was pretty much done and preferred to lay in the back of an open vehicle next to the sidewalk. 

It was a quiet drive home with both dogs sacked out in the crates in my van. I also came home with a big load of donated foster food, thanks to my friend, Pat McGill, who made the drive to bring it to me along with some donated Prozac for Max. The PetValu store donated some frozen raw food, that Jasso and Summer are going to enjoy.

It was a good trip. I got a lot of good pictures of Mickey and he's my most adoptable foster at this point. When Summer's skin infection is under control I'll make an appointment to get her spayed. By that time her coat should be looking good and she'll be ready for a home as well.

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