Monday, September 21, 2015

The antidote to a rainy day

Theo the Great
Cool and rainy all day today. It didn't really rain that much this morning and I should have got out to hike then, but I was working. By the time I finished this afternoon it was raining and I couldn't. I cooked all afternoon instead, which was needed, but by the end of the day the dogs were bored and restless and so am I.
Theo (left) and Max (right)
Theo actually engages Max in play more than the
other dogs do, but it's often Max's form of neurotic
shepherd play, barking and running the fence line.
I hate that, so I minimize Max's time in the dog yard
but they walk nicely together on the trails.

Here's some pics off my camera from some recent walks in better weather.

Maya, Max, and Theo, walking into a late afternoon sun.

Theo and wildflowers

When we walk with other dogs, Sparky
usually walks right next to me.

Deer spotting

Maya, Theo, Max, and Trooper

Feel better?  OK, if that didn't work for you either, join me this evening in following the recommendation of Karen Walker, who advised: "Grab a bottle, hunker down, and pray for daylight."

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