Friday, September 11, 2015

Mental health, physical fitness

Maya and Summer
Wednesday was a long day. I was behind on work from the day before so I put in about 14 hours to get caught up and even ahead for the next day. I didn't get out to hike, in fact I hardly left my office or got off my butt for the entire day. Two things resulted: 1. I did get a lot of work done, such that I finished early on Friday; and 2. I was in a piss poor, rotten, foul mood. My mood was so bad that it started out the same way Thursday morning, which wasn't helped when someone from the power company knocked on our door in the morning to say that our power would be off for a while.

I just noticed how similar Summer and Max
are in terms of coloring and markings. Her
coat has a ways to go, but it's growing in nicely
and she's going to be a beautiful girl.
I couldn't do anything about it, which makes me even more frustrated, so I finally just said "fuck it" and went out for a hike. I took four of my therapists, Max, Maya, Trooper, and Summer, and we did five miles. The frustration, anger, and bad mood poured out of me and evaporated along with a gallon of sweat. I was happy to be feeling better, but also realized that I had a new problem - I was addicted to exercise. I can miss a day now and again, especially if I'm busy with something enjoyable, but if I miss too many, I feel bad, both mentally and physically.

It's gotten bad enough that I need to get out for a hike even if I don't want to. When it's hot and humid, no one in their right mind would want to go out and feel miserable, but I have kept it up through the summer because the need is there even when the desire is not. I've heard runners say stuff like this, but we all know those people are sick. I hate to think I've come down that illness.
Trooper, Max, Summer, and Maya

Maya and Theo on a second hike Thursday afternoon.
I've had a number of addictions in my life, cigarettes and spider solitaire to name two, but I don't think I've ever had a healthy one. Is a healthy addiction healthy? or should I be looking for a 12 step group?  It's the best mood elevator I've ever had and the best thing I've found that promotes good sleep. I could stop anytime I want, I swear, but I'm taking Maya and the rotties out this afternoon for a few more miles.
Barkley, Maya, and Sparky

Barkley, almost sitting still enough for a picture
except for his mouth.
In all seriousness, I'll never be a runner, and I'll probably never be thin, but I weighed in on the vet's scale yesterday and I'm getting tantalizingly close to a numerical goal I've been trying to achieve for a long time. It's not my ultimate goal, and I'm not there yet anyway, but I'm closer than I've ever been and that feels pretty good.

Summer getting a bath Friday afternoon.

Jasso after his Friday bath.

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