Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Hardy Boy Adventure

I read both the Hardy Boys books and the Nancy Drew books as a child.  They were both fun books to read and I can't understand why any book or toy needs to be restricted to a specific gender.  It would probably be beneficial to boys to read "girls books" so they might learn something about girls before puberty in case they happen to turn out straight.

Hardy and I didn't solve any mysteries today, but we did have some adventures.

We went on another play date with Felix.  This time we met Felix's mom.  Hardy was crated in the van and he saw her before I let him out of the crate.  He went right up to her, no bark, no low growl, no talking.  He gave her a quick kiss and then went off looking for Felix.  He took treats from her later as well.  It was the best initial meeting I've seen him do.

Later in the afternoon, Hardy, Maya, and I went for a hike out on the trails at Pleasant Grove.  It was an absolutely beautiful, perfect day - sunny, breezy, low humidity.  We will probably not see another day this nice until September.  We did five miles and we all enjoyed it.  I had Hardy on an Easy Walk harness and he really didn't pull at all.  The only problem I had was that he didn't always keep up the pace so I was often kicking his heels and trying to avoid falling over him.

We passed a couple people on the trail, one with a dog and one without.  We stepped off the trail at least 10' to allow the people to pass as I always do.  He didn't react much but did emit a low nervous growl at one of them and again when we passed people at the baseball fields.  I think we need to try some immersion therapy so a trip to the downtown mall may be in the cards for the coming weekend.

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