Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Penelope's post

Yesterday's post was all about Hardy.  Today is Penelope's turn.

Penelope is a young adult, somewhere between two and five years old.  Based on her energy and puppy-like behavior, I would come in at the lower range of that estimate.

House trained, yes; crate trained,  yes; kid friendly, yes; cats, I don't know.  She is vaccinated and spayed, of course.  She weighed 101 at the vet and is putting on weight every day.  She would be pretty perfect at about 110.

She's good indoors, but her head is counter-height, so anything up there is up for grabs.  Given the chance, she will climb into your bed, but she will be content on an extra large dog bed on the floor.  (I once adopted a Dane to a single man who didn't have much furniture in his house, but he had two twin bed mattresses on the floor as dog beds for his two Danes.)

She's dog-friendly, but at meal times she needs to be fed alone or she will go after another dog's food as well as her own.  That big tongue hangs out of the right side of her mouth most of the time.  She's very sloppy when eating and drinking, although she eventually cleans up most of the food that she spills out and spreads around.  She dips her snout into the water bowl as she drinks.  She washes off her tongue and leaves a bowl full of slime.  Be prepared to change the water frequently.  You might as well learn to embrace the low hanging tongue and the concomitant slime, it is omnipresent.

She loves, loves, loves to run.  She will play with other dogs but her idea of play is to run after them and tackle them.  I don't think she'd be welcome at a dog park with anything other than sizeable and like-minded play companions.  She loves to run, I can't say that enough.

I'm not sure where we are at with applications on this girl, but anyone who is interested in her should submit one to Green Dogs Unleashed asap.

Penelope running after Max

Penelope and Max
Theo, Hardy, and Penelope

Hardy was running after Theo.  Penelope intervened with a
t-bone collision into Hardy.
Penelope with Hardy in the shade.
Penelope sitting in the shade next to me, watching
Theo and Hardy coming back with a ball.


Anonymous said...

That tongue needs its own ZIP code. Pretty Penelope. I'm sure she'll find a good home soon.

Pattie said...

I love Penelope! I do wish we had the room/time for a runner like her.

Kathryn Gintz said...

Beautiful dog...my daughter has a Dane that is a merle too...and yes, you have to put your stuff up high or it's eaten when your back is turned. Micah is her 2nd Dane..he is 7 now but still has that puppy streak...he lives with 3 other dogs and a cat who rules the house. Danes are no worse than other dogs..just a bigger footprint..they all think they are lap dogs..at least the ones we have had..hope someone adopts her, they wont regret having a Dane in their lives.