Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hardy's play date

Felix meeting Hardy
There was a bit of dancing,
I took Hardy to meet Felix today for a play date.  Felix is the black lab mix pup that was adopted to friends and neighbors just up the road from me.  Felix is an amiable dog, as is Hardy; I had no doubt that they would get along and they did.  The real reason for the play date was to meet Felix's owner.  Hardy did his usual nervous, scared bark, but Paul had met Hardy before and knew there was nothing to fear.  As soon as Felix came out, Hardy forgot that he was scared of Paul and even gave him a kiss or two when prompted.  It just doesn't take much to get Hardy past his fear point, but he still has it.  I'll try to meet someone else tomorrow and again this weekend.

and running,
and typical puppy play.

Felix's older sister, Millie, came out to meet Hardy too.

Late in the day some dark clouds came up and it looked like some rain was pretty certain.  That was just about the time I was starting out on a walk with Maya.  It was hot, humid, windless, and buggy, but we did three miles and even managed to get home before the rain and thunder really started.

I've got to get back to walking, but it sure is nicer in the winter.

Here's some more pictures of Hardy from today.  He's not the biggest, but he is one of the best looking foster shepherds that I've had.  More importantly, he has a very sweet and easy disposition.  His stranger fear is relatively mild, he basically likes people and gives his trust easily, if not immediately.  It's just due to lack of socialization but it needs to be addressed before it becomes a problematic part of his personality.  

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