Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hot and Humid

Maya lays with me like this too, generally pressed up
against my ankle with one of her paws across my foot or
around my leg.
The heat and humidity we've been having recently is rough on me and the dogs, but the plants seem to be enjoying it.

I usually keep at least Theo and Hardy out in the dog yard during the day, but today I brought them in for the afternoon and put them back out, along with Trooper, in the evening.

The garden is doing well though and as much as I hate the humidity, it does keep things from drying out so quickly.

I didn't hike today and we didn't pasture romp either.  After the thunderstorms passed through it felt much less humid, so maybe tomorrow will be a nicer day.

Maya and Trooper again
Gigi got a little concerned when the new Dane, Penelope,
jumped up onto the bed.  We've had to make it clear that the
bed is Gigi's, and there's only one Dane allowed in bed.
The daylilies are in bloom.
Penelope will stay in the dog yard for a little while, but she
is clearly accustomed to being indoors most of the time.

I've been keeping Max indoors in the day and putting him out
in the dog yard, by himself, at night.  That works pretty well.
I was very surprised to walk into the bedroom one day to find
him stretched out across the top of the bed.  


Ten dogs in the house during the day led to
overcrowding on the stairs. I ended up putting
some in crates like we do at night. They all
enjoyed an afternoon nap while I worked.


Anonymous said...

I love your dogs and I love your garden! The flowers look gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers, happy dogs. What more could one want?

Britta said...

Loved the pictures of Max in bed, Penelope and all if the georgeous flowers. That being said, the crowded stairwell photo was funny!