Monday, June 27, 2016

Summertime with Hardy

It's time to get serious about finding Hardy a home.
Hardy (left) and Theo

 Hardy is young, probably around a year of age, maybe a little more but not yet two.  He's got good recall, but I still think that dogs should go to homes with fences, it's the first line of defense against the hazards that can befall a dog living in a human world.  It's a degree of freedom for the dog and peace of mind for the human.

Max (left), and Hardy and Theo, all looking for a tennis ball in the tall grass.

Hardy and Theo, both being tackled by Penelope
Hardy is crate trained and he goes in willingly and stays in there quietly all night.  I'd consider him housetrained too.  He doesn't mark.  I still crate him at night and whenever we leave.  He's good with dogs and I think he would benefit from having a relationship with an older sibling like he has with Theo.  Hardy will still bark at strangers.  He needs a confident owner who won't let him get away with barking at people.  He makes friends easily enough, but it takes just a little patience and effort on the part of the person.
Penelope (left), Max, and Hardy (right front)

There's a number of applications in on Hardy and I think they are in the home visit stage of the process.  I've probably held onto him longer than I needed to, but he's such an easy foster there has been no need to rush.  This is one really great dog.  Choosing among applicants is tough.  I want him to go to the best home possible, for him.

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