Monday, June 6, 2016

Progress report

I got my container garden planted earlier than some years, but then we had several weeks of rather cool and very wet weather, so the actual growing didn't happen until later.  Things are looking pretty good now; some plants and pots are probably at their peak or will be soon, others will look better as the season progresses.  My caladiums really got set back by the wet weather and a late near-frost back in April or early May.  They will come along now that the hot and humid weather has settled in to stay.

Here's a few recent shots of the container garden.  I have a couple other areas planted too that I haven't shown yet.  I made a perennial container garden in the back yard after clearing out a round bed of shrubs that had been taken over by Virginia creeper.  The semi-circular raised bed out in the center of the front yard has been seeded with zinnias.  I did that years ago but haven't in several years.  It will be a few weeks yet before they are in bloom.

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing pics of your garden! My aunt and I are planning on doing some container gardening and I am using your examples as inspiration! Thank you:-)