Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hardy comes to bed

As a foster, Hardy is really a breeze.  He has adopted Theo as his older brother and mentor and follows him everywhere.  Because of that, I felt bad about crating Hardy downstairs at night when Theo comes into the bedroom to sleep.  Last night I went to bed early because I was tired and stuffed from too much food so I brought Hardy into the bedroom.
Hardy has been spending most of the day outdoors in the dog
yard with Theo and company, and he's been crated at night so
he hasn't spent much time with Gigi. Gigi is fine with that.

I don't know anything about his past life, but he seemed to know that the bed was the place to be.  Although Theo stayed on one of the many dog beds on the floor, Hardy immediately jumped into bed along with Gigi and Maya, unaware of the "only girl dogs allowed in the bed" rule.  The girls tolerated his presence pretty well, but he didn't understand the need to get down when Clay wanted to come to bed so he ended up back in a crate in my office with Max.

Hardy is really a great dog.  I've got to start getting him out in public to meet people because his fear of strangers is really the only problem he's got that I can see.  He needs leash training and some basic obedience, but I don't consider those things to be problems.  The stranger fear needs to be addressed particularly if he gets adopted to an urban area, but perhaps even more so in a sparsely populated, rural area where there are fewer opportunities for socialization.  Because I live in the country, have few friends, and am rather anti-social myself, I have to make a concerted effort to get Hardy the exposure and training that he needs.

This is Gigi's "why is he here and when is he going
away?" look directed at me.
He immediately wanted to be her friend,
putting his paw on her and getting in her face. 

It did not seem that this was Hardy's first time in a bedroom. He made himself at home.

Maya is keeping an eye on the situation from the foot of the bed.

Maya didn't object to his presence really, but she made a point
of letting him know that she could be closest to me anytime
she wanted.

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Byron's mom said...

Before I read the caption on Gigi's pic, I thought the same thing:-)