Thursday, June 9, 2016

Five miles

I've got to get back into the walking habit.  I hated stopping, but once I did, it's far too easy to remain sedentary.  I gained weight back, how much I don't want to know.  I've finally gotten back into the work routine.  I have a list of yard work projects, but the big stuff is mostly done and what I have now is mostly maintenance.  So I got back to the trails again today, another five miles, with Maya and Theo this time.

There are nine dogs in the household right now.  Seven of them were in my office this morning while I was working.  At least three or four more of them should have been outdoors, but I brought them in, one by one, because they were barking this morning.  I don't know why, but it was driving me crazy while I was trying to work.

I needed exercise and they did too.  Theo has become obnoxious outdoors, running the fence line and barking constantly whenever anything is happening, like a dog or me walking outside.  He was the obvious choice for the hike today and he kept up a pretty good pace.
I visited my secret patch of Ladyslippers today
but I was too late and the blooms were done
for this year.

I'm always tempted to remove my shoes and socks and put
my bare feet in that cool water along with the dogs.

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Karen O'Kain said...

Yield to the temptation to put your bare feet in that water. There is nothing to lose, and much to gain.