Friday, June 17, 2016

Danish girls and German boys

Penelope likes to run!
After the storm last night the dog yard was wet and muddy again so I kept most of the dogs indoors. This afternoon, however, several of us went out for a romp in the pasture. I'll shut up and just share the pics.

Penelope and Hardy
Penelope and Theo

Hardy (left) is never far from Theo (right). 

That's Scarlett on the left, she joined us in the pasture for a while, with Hardy and Theo.

Ears, tongue, and tail, there are
many floppy parts on Penelope.
That's Hardy in the front, trying to intercept Penelope.

Even slowed down, that tongue still flops.

Penelope, Hardy, and Max, with Gigi in the back.
Hardy and Theo

Penelope overtaking Max
And the takedown

Gigi and Penelope, who is younger and bigger than HRH Gigi.

Penelope sees no point in running with another dog unless
you tackle them when you catch up.
This is Gigi's WTF look after the tackle.

Gigi on the run, so slender.
Gigi in front, then Hardy and Theo, and that's
Penelope and Max in the far back.

Gigi and Penelope

Penelope is all Dane, all Dog.


Andrea said...

Dog heaven! What a great group of pics!

Byron's mom said...

Penelope is something else! I can not believe she tackled Miss Gigi!