Thursday, June 23, 2016

Penelope's vet visit

Penelope came to us fully vetted, except for a rabies vaccine.  That is obviously essential so we went to the vet today for that, and to have someone take a look inside her mouth.

Checking in at the clinic
She was great with everyone she met and no one had anything less than wonderful things to say about her.

We had thought that the low hanging tongue was perhaps a result of missing or damaged teeth on the right side of her mouth.  That didn't appear to be the case.  It's possible that it's a neurological problem, but that is somewhat belied by the fact that she can withdraw it at will, and she can eat and drink successfully (if messily).  Perhaps it was due to a trauma, or it may just be a genetic anomaly.  There doesn't seem to be anything really wrong with it, and it doesn't bother her; so, if you'll forgive the phrase, it just is what it is.
If she was nervous about being
at the vet, she sure didn't show it.

On the ride in.  That blond patch is Maya, and
Trooper is in the crate. They came along.
We stopped by Green Dogs' headquarters on our way home to see Erika.  Penelope once again passed the baby test.  I learned a bit about her past as well.  She had come in as a stray, but her owners were known and were notified but they never reclaimed her from the shelter.  A Great Dane rescue group had passed on the dog because they had been told that she didn't do well with other female dogs.  I'm not sure what that assessment had been based on, but she has lived with Maya, Gigi, Samantha, and Scarlett since coming here.  Yes, she decked Gigi out in the pasture, but she did the same to Max (twice), and that was really nothing more than big dog play.  I don't think I'd take her to a dog park, but I can't imagine her having a problem living with another dog once they got acquainted.  She is young and very playful.  She will push another dog off their food if given the chance, but all that requires is separate feeding and a little watchfulness and common sense.

Speaking of feeding, she weighed in at just over 101 pounds today and I think she could stand to put on at least 10, maybe 15 pounds.  I'm now feeding her four cups of food three times a day and she's loving it.  I expect she will begin to pick up some lean muscle mass.  She's a real sloppy eater and drinker because of the tongue, but she does her best to clean up spilled food and I send Vince or Samantha out to clean up after her when she's done.

A reprise of the baby test with Erika and Oliver.

My assessment:  Great Dane, great dog.

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