Saturday, June 11, 2016

Those who knit

Jasso, riding in the car
It's fair to say that I'm a cynical person.  Some would even say that's quite an understatement.  I tend to expect the worst out of people even while hoping for the best.  I don't know if that's my nature or, more likely, a trait I've developed after meeting too many people who fail to measure up to the average dog even when measuring human qualities.  That's a convoluted way of expressing my favorite bumper sticker, "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog."

One advantage of being cynical is the great surprise and elation I experience when I encounter some of the best of humanity.  It's even better when it comes completely out of the blue.  So it was one day a while back when I received an email from a fellow shepherd lover.  This person actually fostered the first dog I adopted from VGSR, my Gypsy, Queen of the Universe.  (All hail Queen Gypsy.)  Apparently she has shepherd-loving friends who knit and has shared my blog with them.  Several of them have become regular readers and like many, were especially moved by Jasso's story.

The email said that the group was knitting an afghan that it would raffle off and that they had chosen to donate the proceeds to help our rescue operation.  I was blown away by the gesture of kindness, and true to their word, the funds came in to our Paypal account with the notice to use the money in any way I saw fit for our dogs, personal or foster.

I used part of the money to fill in the gap in my fencing, so I can let the old dogs out to wander around, do their business, and patrol the yard in safety.  (See, "The things we do for love", 6/8/2016.)  I expect that the balance of it will be used for a future foster dog that is waiting in the wings.

All I can say is "thank you."  The words are inadequate to express my appreciation -- for the gift, for the gesture of support, and for keeping alive a glimmer of hope for humanity.


Risa said...

Brent and Clay, on behalf of the Ravelry GSD Loving Knitters, all I can say is that no one else deserves this as much as you. You may never get to meet these people, except for me, but you can trust me that these are the kindest, most caring people even.

Fix the fence. Have a beer. Save a another dog.

Tanya2 said...

We couldn't have picked a better recipient for the proceeds!

Liz M said...

What Risa and Tanya said -- glad we could help! Give your dog pack some ear scratches from all of us.