Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming along

Gigi is coming along slowly.  She's not happy, and she's a bit scared, but she's adapting.  She learned to do the stairs both up and down.  She's either interested in me or dependent upon me enough that she gets up to check if I leave the office for another room.  

She isn't eating yet, but from what I heard from the prior owner I'm not surprised or concerned about that yet. 

I found her a pretty pink harness that had fit a rottweiler, so it fit her with some adjustments.  That's made it easier to move her around when I need to.  When I want her to come out of the crate I just pull her bed out and she comes with it.  Then I clip a leash onto the harness and we are good to go. 

She walks nicely.  She's met Cabell, Bremo, Trooper, and Zachary and even spent some time in the dog yard with them late this afternoon. 

I contacted a friend who does Great Dane rescue and will get her cross-posted with them for some more exposure.  She's very pretty and very sweet.  She greeted Clay at the dog yard fence with our other dogs when he came home from work this evening.  She's going to be fine.

Zachary and Trooper

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