Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A day of firsts

Not a lot of news today, mostly I worked, but I did take a few pics this afternoon, and we celebrated a few "firsts" with Gigi:

1. She came out of the crate on her own this morning, made her way downstairs and outside with the rest of the household pack.

2.  She ate (after I gave in and mixed some canned food with the dry).

3.  When Cabell came up to me at my desk for some loving, Gigi stood up, stepped out of her crate, and came over to me for some of the same!  She also came up to the fence to greet Clay when he came home this evening. 

She was giving some signals that she was almost ready to play with the other dogs when we went out to the dog yard late this afternoon.  Maybe tomorrow.

I did some pasture mowing with Nero.  He feels great, always has, and loves to get out there and run with that tennis ball in his mouth.  I think the new antibiotic has stopped the progression of the latest outbreak.  The nasty scabby stuff on his face is looking a bit better.  It's way too early to take much encouragement from that however.  I expected the medication to work.  The real question is whether he'll be able to tolerate it for six weeks.  And if he can, we don't know if that will clear up the infection for good or if it, or a variant of it, will return.  I remain rather pessimistic on this one. 

Lana, Hank, Rex, and Radley have formed a pretty good play group and they share the shed as their bunk house at night.  Lana rules when it comes to food, and yet she remains very lean.  They play hard.  Rex is slowly normalizing, but it's not a straight line progression.  He is putting on weight and looking better, however.  I still haven't tried the drugs on him as I'm hoping he will come around without them.  He's still a fairly neurotic shepherd, but that's typical.  I'll feel that he's recovered when he has stopped chasing his tail long enough for the hair to grow back to the point that he has a normal looking shepherd tail.  That will be a while.

Trooper, Bremo, and Zachary

She moves more like a horse than a dog, it's beautiful to watch.

She's just lovely. 


Kathleen said...

Gigi is gorgeous. Someone will be very lucky to adopt her.

BudsBuddy said...

Gigi has a smile in the most recent pictures that she didn't have in the earlier ones. She is pretty in pink! The idea of a rottie wearing that pink harness is pretty funny to me though!

Anonymous said...

I love all dogs, cute, big, handsome and funny looking. But I have to say that GG is absolutely stunning! I can not get over how gorgeous she is!

Jennifer Q said...

I am kidnapping Trooper!